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IeSF Wereldkampioenschap

IeSF Wereldkampioenschap

Kwalificeer je nu voor het International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) in Jakarta!

Voor de full BE teams:
IeSF Qualifier
The next IeSF World Championship will take place in Jakarta in 2016 on the 6th – 9th of October. With this open invitation, we invite all Belgian teams and players to participate in the qualifier for this tournament. The following games have been announced:
• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $20.000 prize pool
• League of Legends (for non LCS and Challenger players) $20.000 prize pool
• Hearthstone $4.000 prize pool
• $10.000 bonus for the highest performing nation across the three games (overall champion)

In order to participate in the qualifying process, teams or players need to be in possession of an international travel ID from Belgium, be able to travel to the finals between the 5th and 10th of October 2016 and most importantly: be able to provide your own flights if needed. Accommodation and all costs on site will be provided for. There is also a slight chance that we will be able to compensate the flights as well but we need to be 100% certain that the teams and players who register are able to carry that cost on their own!
For a team game, the entire team needs to consist of players holding the Belgian nationality.
Registrations for the IeSF World Championship can be done by sending an email with the following information to steven[a-t]
• Organisation
• Player(s) name(s)
• Game
• Confirmation that if needed, you are willing to pay for your own flights

Good luck!


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